Where are the Ethnic Food Trucks?

Chairman Truck and Hapa SF
Sacramento has a lot of cultural diversity. We have large Russian, Filipino, and Hmong populations as well as many, many others. So I have to ask - why haven't we gotten more ethnic food trucks in Sacramento yet?

SactoMoFo has had four events over the last year and yet they have to bring Hapa SF, Seoul on Wheels, Chairman Truck, An the Go, and Curry Up Now in from the Bay area. Now I support all gourmet food trucks, but I have to wonder why all we have so far are taco, burger, and sandwich trucks.

I even talked to William of Hapa SF last month about the chance of him being willing to partner with someone locally to start a Sacramento Hapa truck. I need some sisig on a regular basis! I'm dying for some lechon and pancit from a truck!

And wouldn't be it awesome if Mati's from 16th Street had an Indian curry truck?

In Portland I had Norwegian food from the Viking Soul Food trailer. I would die for something like that here!

Russian pieroshkis, Singapore noodles, and on and on and on. 

If you've been thinking of opening such a truck - get on it! There are hungry folk waiting for you out here!

6/4/12:  The slogan for SacFoodTruck.net is "If you tweet it, they will come." And so it is true. After posting this article I received the following tweet: "@SacFoodTrucks  @OMKarmabile the first Indian fusion truck in Sac will soon hit the streets. Just working the papers--stay tuned". Hurrah!