How to Stretch Your SactoMoFo Haul for 3 Days

That's right. When the out-of-town food trucks come for the big SactoMoFo events, I stock up. SactoMoFo4 in April? I ate truck food for three days. After all, these trucks only come to town once in a while and I get to them in the City even less. Here are the items that I get and save to eat over the following couple of days.

First you need to be prepared. I am lucky in that I live two blocks from the event site and so I go home a few times during the day. Better my own bathroom than those porta-potties! But if you are not close by, bring an ice chest with those freezer ice blocks to keep it cool. After all, it gets hot in the summer. You also need a variety of baggies or plastic containers to put everything.

Here are the things I always get that last well.

I love the steamed buns from the Chairman Truck. These actually do keep well for the next day. Place them into a plastic container for careful storage. When you are ready to reheat them, put them in a microwave steamer with just a little bit of water to steam, and then nuke them for a minute. They revive just great. If you don't own a microwave steamer, I would plate them and drape a wet paper towel over them and then nuke them.

El Porteno's empanadas are an easy one to keep. Sure the pastry suffers a little, but overall they keep and reheat really well.

A Curry Up Now or Red Truck Tahoe Indian burrito keeps really well also. They are wrapped up tightly in foil. I bet you could even freeze a couple without much problem.

Hapa SF's sisig and lumpia will survive a day or two, if you can keep yourself from eating them.

These are just a few of my favorites that you can count on me getting tomorrow.