A Drewski's Update

A couple of weeks ago when I did my truck update, I didn't catch up with Andrew from Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen. I got a chance to talk to him yesterday and he gave me a couple of updates.

Drew had been talking about buying a second truck for the last year. He's finally found one, bought it and says it should be ready in about 6-8 weeks. When I asked him if it would be the same menu or a new concept, Drew said he didn't know yet.

He also told me that he's opening a deli location out in Folsom. It's going to be off Iron Point Road in a business park. So you folk on the eastern end of town can finally get a Drewski fix.

Speaking of Folsom, many often ask why they don't get any of the trucks coming their way. The reason is that the City of Folsom has a truck permit that costs as much as Sacramento County's. Most trucks balk. Why pay the same amount to a city that they pay for a whole county? But it is possible to get a day permit for $25. So if you are interested in having trucks for an event, they are always willing to talk about it.