Sacramento Food Film Festival is a Month Away

It's almost a year since we held the first Sacramento Food Film Festival. Last year I worked with Slow Food Sacramento and Whole Foods Market to put on a great day of films. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we are ready to do it again - this time over two days!

This year Slow Food Sacramento is presenting the film festival, thus the altered snail logo. We are also partnering with the California Food Literacy Center. Their mission is "To inspire change today for a healthy, sustainable tomorrow through enduring community food education." It's very much in line with Slow Food's.

Our goal this time was to provide more opportunities for discussion/interaction instead of just sitting in a theater watching film after film until your butt is sore. I'm very proud of what we've come up with. 


Friday night is our gala event. It starts off with the film Quest for Local Honey 
which was filmed up in Nevada County. The filmmakers will be there for discussion afterwards with some local honeys to taste. 

Everyone then moves around the corner to the 40 Acres Gallery for a sushi event. Enjoy sushi from Mikuni and Kru restaurants. Taro will be there to talk about sushi making and Bill Ngo will talk about sustainable fish.

The evening then ends back at the theater for Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  We are thrilled that Mikuni stepped up to sponsor this award winning documentary about the most famous sushi chef in Japan. I had tried to get the film for last year's festival, but it was too new. I think we are better off for having waited as we now get to watch sushi and eat it too!

The ticket for Friday is $40.  Should there still be space left, individual tickets for films alone are $7 each.


Once again Whole Foods Market will be supplying healthy movie snacks at the concession stand.
The first film on Saturday starts at 11:30 and is geared to young people interested in where their food comes from.  What's On Your Plate?  follows two 11-year olds as they discover the complexities of our food system.  The California Food Literacy Center will be creating a scavenger hunt that will revolve around this and the other festival films with prizes awarded at the end of the day.

Next up is  A Community of Gardeners  which is followed by a discussion with Master Gardener Bill Maynard. He will answer questions on community gardens - from how to create a one  to how to get seeds started this spring.

Meat Hooked!  is being sponsored by our friends at the Selland Family Restaurants (Ella, The Kitchen, Selland Market Cafes).  It won Best Feature Film at last October's New York Food Film Festival.  Meat Hooked! is a look at the history and evolution of New York butcher shops.

Symphony of the Soil is a brand new documentary that discusses one of our most important but often ignored resources - soil. Without healthy, rich soil we would not be able to grow food which in turn feeds livestock and ourselves.

The final film is American Harvest.    It brings up the state of our agricultural system in terms of labor - migrant farmworkers, be they illegal immigrants or citizens.  We finish off the evening with a panel discussion about where farm labor stands today, how it influences supply and resources, and what may be changing in the future.

Saturday tickets are $25 or $7 for individual films. You can get a Festival ticket, good for both days, for $55. Ticket sales.

We wish to thank our sponsors for this year, especially Elise at Also, Whole Foods Market, Mikuni , Selland Family Restaurants, Kru , Sunh Fish, Passmore Ranch, Attune Foods, and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.