Dawson's Delights with Wine Pairing Dinners

I bumped into a few familiar faces the other night when I was attending the monthly wine pairing dinner at Dawson's. Turns out that they are regulars at these prix fixe feasts. I knew my friend Kristy, AKA Cavegrrl was a regular with her boyfriend Andy. I also ran into Barbara and her extended family. She used to be a coworker at CalPERS but it turns out we are both retirees, now that I just worked my last day. 

It was nice to be able to be able to celebrate my last day of State work. I had just had my retirement cake a few hours earlier. I brought along another coworker to enjoy this four course meal. As a disclosure, I was here on the invitation of Dawson's and Hyatt and so the evening was comped. 

The wine dinners are monthly affairs. The cost is $79 and includes valet parking. This night the winery featured was Alpha Omega Wines from St. Helena. August's winery will be Silver Oak.

Here are the courses with photos courtesy of Dawson's.

Sun Gold & Heirloom Tomato Salad
with compressed cucumber and red onion relish

Hot Smoked Duck Breast
with fried hen egg/pickled red scallions

Mangalitsa Pork Tenderloin
with house smoked bacon/sweet corn puree
poached yellow peach/wilted mustard greens, blackberry reduction

Cow Girl Creamery Pierce Pt Cheese
local strawberries/pistachio sable

After dinner the wines were offered for sale. Based on the price of the bottles, I'd say the dinner is an excellent deal since you get to drink as much as you like of each paired wine. 

Don't hold me to this, but I was told that dinner alone, without wine, is $45. That's for those non-drinkers like myself. 

As some final notes, Chef Jason Poole will be one of the chefs at my Have an Offal Day event on August 10th.  His offal is already brining. He is also one of the two chefs heading this year's Tower Bridge dinner during Farm to Fork in September.