Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2016

Another year and another spectacular time at Pebble Beach Food & Wine. Our chefs were there again providing some delicious bites and making Sacramento proud. This year I've decided to load the pictures to slide shows. 

In this first slide show we start with Ramon Perez from Puur Chocolat who had brought 31 flavors of his excellent chocolates. Then you will see Matt Masera from Empress Tavern and Mother with both a savory and a sweet bite. He's being helped by Michael Fagnoni from Hawks. Finally is the salt cod fritter from Oliver Ridgeway of Grange. You will also see Kelly McCown from The Kitchen and Ravin Patel from Selland Family Restaurants exploring the tent.  I suggest you go full screen as you watch the slideshows.

That evening was the Guy Fieri event at the Intercontinental Hotel in Monterey. For this one Michael and Matt made a braised goat with mole bite. The goat was from Passmore Ranch. Bill and Team Kru made a poke with pork jowel and toro. You will also see the After Party event where Kelly McCown and Ravin Patel served an Indian inspired bite with an assortment of condiments that you could put on it. It was also made with goat from Passmore Ranch. 

On Sunday our three Sacramento chefs were in the same tent. First you'll see Michael Thiemann and Matt Masera from Empress Tavern and Mother with their dessert bite. Then you will see Bill Ngo from Kru with his team serving uni panna cotta. You'll also see Oliver Ridgeway from Grange serving a steak tartare with beef tendon.  At the end, the caviar, bacon, and pig are all actually cakes. 

This summer they will probably be heading down to LA for the Los Angeles Food & Wine with all the Hollywood celebrities. I may be going to that one as well if I'm lucky.  Enjoy!