Food Truck Cinema starts Saturday

It might seem unlikely, but the weather report says it will be 78 degrees on Saturday. Yay! Perfect timing for outdoor movie season to start. And what could be better than pairing outdoor movies with food trucks so that you don't have to worry about bringing food.

Food Truck Cinemas take place throughout the summer at Woodcreek Golf Club in Roseville. Gates open at 6 pm and the movie shows as soon as it's dark enough. Saturday's sundown is scheduled for 7:50, so expect it to start 8:15 or after. Pets are allowed and there is a season pass available for $49. Otherwise, the tickets are priced for adults/children at $10/5 or there is preferred seating (front and center) for $13/6.

Food Truck Cinema is more than an outdoor movie it’s a comprehensive experience combining gourmet Food Trucks, local live music, and pop culture films. We are bringing back the community atmosphere of neighborhood movie houses.  Food Truck Cinema is creating a combined atmosphere that will make the audience want to return. All of this on the lawn in a safe, comfortable, cozy, picnic atmosphere. Food, Music, and Movies independently have worked for years put them together and you have a spectacular night of entertainment. (A killer combo if you will!)! 

The musical entertainment this Saturday is Thunder Cover, from Sacramento, CA. They are an energetic and fun cover band. In an area that is full of cover bands, Thunder Cover separates themselves with a high energy show and a unique set that features some of the biggest hits of all time. Everything from The Beatles to Foo Fighters. From Michael Jackson to Maroon 5. From Tom Petty to Justin Timberlake. From The Eagles to Nirvana. And the list goes on and on.

This year's schedule:

April 22
 - Pitch Perfect
              - featuring Turnt Up Tacos, Gyro King, Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen, A Honest Pie
May 20 - Mission Impossible
             - featuring Chando's Tacos, Flavor Face, Tailgater44, Cowtown Creamery
June 17 - Toy Story
             - Cousins Main Lobster, Turnt Up Tacos, Kado's Asian Grill, OMG Yogurt
July 3 - The Secret Life of Pets
July 22 - Pretty Woman
August 19 - The Goonies
September 23 - The Raiders of the Lost Ark
October 28 - Hocus Pocus