Ms. Munchie's Avocado Toast

In the big cities avocado toast had been popping up on menus as the trendy breakfast item for a while. Here in Sacramento avocado toast was a dish found in home kitchens. No longer. As mentioned in this week's Sacramento News & Review, you can now find a $6.50 avocado toast at Vibe Health Bar.  Bacon and Butter also has one, although I think it moves into the entrĂ©e list as it is quiet large, with two poached eggs, requiring knife and fork to eat it.

I've been making avocado toast for breakfast at my office for about a year now. I make it the same way every day because I really like my version and see no reason to change it. I figured I would share it so that you might join in my healthy breakfast routine.

First you have to have good bread. I don't use bread at home except for this toast. If I eat bread, it's because it's involved in something I ordered at a restaurant (sandwich, burger) or because I love a really fresh baked bread basket set down before me at a fine dining restaurant. Anyway, the bread I choose is the super healthy Dave's Killer Bread from Portland. It is organic, GMO-free, artificial ingredient and preservative free. You can find it at Safeway. I keep it in the freezer.

After the bread and the avocado, I use my chow chow relish I make in the summer. Each batch is different, but the goal is the same — a crunchy, pickle-y topping. You don't need much, just a thin swipe across the top of the mashed avocado.

Finally, sea salt and togarashi, which is a Japanese red pepper blend.

And there you have it. A super healthy breakfast which includes whole grains, vegetables, and healthy monounsaturated fats.