Discovering Ripple

I actually love dairy products, but know that I should cut down on them. Can't really get rid of cheese, but I have stopped buying milk for some time. This has led me to try many milk alternatives, like soy, almond, cashew, etc. I've found one that I'm really enjoying — Ripple.

Rippleis a pea protein milk. It's high in protein, low in calories, high in nutrients. It also tastes good. I bought it for a quick, after workout drink, but have found that I really like it over my cereal as well. Keep in mind I was the person who put a couple of tablespoons of sugar on my corn flakes. Now I can eat my high fiber cereal with just some Ripple.

I needed to do better with upping my after-workout protein. I work out and then jam to work and so often I neglected eating protein, thus depriving my muscles of necessary nutrients. I now blend up a glass of Ripplewith a raw egg and it's like a quick, healthy, protein filled eggnog.


I also do a super healthy "tapioca" by just adding two tablespoons of chia to the chocolate Ripple, shaking it really well, and letting it sit overnight. 

You can find Ripple in the refrigerated dairy section of most supermarkets. If you are looking for a good, non-nut, non-dairy alternative, then give Ripple a try.