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My boss is from Louisiana. His wife is from the same place that Sandra Dee hails from. Needless to say, we go at least once a month to SD's for lunch. It's the closest thing to home for him. Not perfect, but close enough. For the rest of us, it's pretty good and we aren't going to be so picky.

Thursdays the special is their fried chicken. For years I always ate ribs and hot links and my coworkers raved on the chicken. I finally tried it and was astounded. So moist on the inside, and coated with a great coating with a bit of zip. Just goes to prove that even if you have a favorite item on a menu, you've got to try something new once in a while.

The choices were varied. Here is a picture of the above mentioned fried chicken. The same coating was used on the shrimp as well. Everyone agreed it was spicy and delicious. We even had a couple more Southerners in the group who were very happy with their food.

Jeni chose a shrimp po-boy. This is a sandwich that my co-worker always orders and is another item I need to try. Like the chicken, I'm sure I'll be a convert.

I was in the mood for ribs. I always have to get the hot BBQ sauce in the side and carefully take tiny dips. It is just way too hot. The ribs are a little on the dry side and so you do need sauce. I always get the spicy corn and mac and cheese as my sides.

If you are a hot links lover, then these are for you. I don't know how Al could eat them with the hot sauce poured all over the top! HOT! I love their hot links except for the fact that they slash them before grilling, so the juices are all gone and they are on the dry side.

Mary, our Southerner for the evening, was very happy with the hush puppies. Overall everyone seemed satisfied, after the food finally arrived...

One thing you should definitely know about SD's is that service is slow. Especially if you order the fried chicken. You better be patient. It's often a problem when we go for work lunches. Don't go here if you have a time crunch.