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Updated Post:
I’m at Roxy with BFF again. This time it is girls’ night out with another friend and we are here for dinner on a Friday. It’s 6 p.m. and the place is packed. It’s been a few years since my last visit and I’m a bit shocked by the obvious popularity. After a half hour wait we are finally seated. 

No pictures this time. I will tell you the food was fabulous! So that’s why it was so bustling!

We started off with the Roasted Piquillo Peppers - stuffed with braised beef, Laura Chenel goat cheese, roasted tomato ancho chile sauce and toasted pumpkin seeds. YUM!  We received three good sized peppers in a bed of sauce. Inside there was luscious, rich shredded braised beef and then the ends were plugged with the goat cheese, which was melting from the heat. The melted cheese gave a creaminess to each bite with a tang and a bit of heat of chile. BFF was practically licking the plate clean of sauce.

We each chose different entrees and they were all fantastic. I had the braised short rib which in hindsight was not the best choice after just eating some of it stuffed into the peppers. But I received a nice sized portion that was oh-so tender. It was served with some roasted veggies and a bit of mashed potato.

BFF loves the pork stroganoff and insisted that we try it and so ordered it for herself. Don’t think traditional stroganoff with tagliatelle style noodles or rice and a mushroom sour cream sauce. I’m not even sure why it is called stroganoff except that there is cream in the sauce. Anyway, this version has three large potato mascarpone raviolis with a shredded, braised pork on it and then a lovely sauce. Another perfect blend of flavors and creaminess from the mascarpone creates a dish of gastronomic decadence.

Our other friend is obsessed with pork belly. As soon as she saw it on the menu there was no turning back. It was actually a combo dish with grilled pork tender loin on one side and braised pork belly on the other served with cheddar grit cake and Brussel sprouts. BFF, who rarely eats anything besides standard beef, chicken, pork, was wary of the idea of pork belly. But once she tried it she was hooked. 

I was going to bypass dessert but any time I see a Napoleon I have to get it. They chose the S’Mores Pie which I didn’t taste because it didn’t interest me in the least. My Napoleon, on the other hand, was terrific. Made freehand with pastry thins, mascarpone cheese, and berries. 

So now I am a fan of Roxy and highly recommend it, if you can stand the wait.

Original Post 08/16/09:
Roxy's has been around for a while now but it was happenstance that finally got me in the door. My BFF was treating me to lunch and had wanted to go to Lemon Grass but we found it closed. So then we decided to check out Roxy's.

As we parked I immediately noticed that they had some big front doors that swung open so that those window tables became almost outdoor seating. I always like it when restaurants have those super front open windows. With our great sunny weather and comfortable nights in Sacramento we all just love our al fresco dining.

I was surprised when we were taken to our tables. I guess I never paid attention to reviewers because it turns out Roxy's has a Western theme. The thing that took me aback was the cowhide upholstery on the booth backs. Cowhide as in the skins from the cows with the hair and their natural born cowprints still on them. The same cowhide adorned the menus as well.

There might be a Western theme flowing into the menu, but it will be Western influenced by other culinary regions. For instance, a stroganoff done with pork and served over ravioli or cioppino with a Southwestern flair.

We started with the zucchini chips seen above. These paper thin, deep fried zucchini slices were crisp and delicate. I would have liked a little more salt or it might just be a case of the salt didn't have anything to cling to. It was deep fried, but not greasy at all. BFF had wanted a dipping sauce with them, but I thought they were too delicate for that.

My eyes are always drawn to the unusual and so I immediately zoomed in on the buffalo burger. I like cheeseburgers and my biggest disappointment came in the very measly slice of cheese on the burger. But the burger itself was perfectly cooked, juicy, and super flavorful. I wouldn't classify buffalo as gamey, but it definitely has a distinctive stronger flavor than beef. My other disappointment was in the side of garlic fries. I love arena style garlic fries that are just doused in garlic. This batch had hardly any garlic flavor to them at all.

BFF only goes for traditional fare and so she opted for a salad. She chose the Roxy Chop which had four different chopped lettuces, mint, chickpeas, olives, cucumbers, and a citrusy vinagrette. BFF loved it and found it light and refreshing. It certainly looked good, though the chickpeas and olives would have deterred me.

I wouldn't mind going to Roxy's again now that I've seen the menu. Both those aforementioned cioppino and stroganoff sound interesting as well as the chili that other people seemed to rave about.