Fantastic Cuban Pork Chops

If you watch the Food Network than you probably know who Guy Fieri is. If you don't watch it, then you'll know him as the spokesperson for TGI Fridays. Anyway, I've never been impressed by him. As far as I was concerned, he was all showman and no substance. He's got that appearance and personality that makes him perfect for TV, but I really didn't give him much credit in the chef category. He calls Northern California home and has two restaurants here. One, Tex Wasabi, has mediocre food and reviews and so I haven't even bothered to go there. His newest, Johnny Garlic's, just opened in Roseville and so I will have to trek out there some day to check it out. Haven't seen any reviews on it yet.

So...the most interesting pork chop recipe I came across was Guy's Cuban pork chops. The recipe looked good and so I decided to give it a try. IT WAS THE BOMB! I will be keeping this recipe and doing it again because it was so delicious and pretty easy and straightforward to do. I also used his side dish of Sofrito Mashed Potatoes. They were also good but made so much that I've got a huge amount still left over.

The pork chops are marinated in orange/lime/vinegar for a few hours. Then you coat them with a spice blend, sear them, and then make a sauce from the pan drippings, onions, and more juice and wine. The mixture of the citrus and the spice blend was so zesty and flavorful. Then add the high quality pork that I had and it was a superb meal all around. Highly recommended.

Because it was a birthday dinner I didn't think quick enough to take pictures before we devoured it. I also served steamed green beans and then flan for dessert. Everyone raved and wished there had been more. My huge pork chops I thought were going to be too much and instead we ended up wanting seconds! I will be making this again soon.