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Ever have one of those restaurants where the first time you go you think it's OK. Then you go again and you like it a little more. Basically it grows on you until you become a regular and really like it. That happened to me the first time I went to In-n-Out Burgers because I ordered a single. Later I learned that you need to order a Double Double at In n Out.

I bring this up because Suzie Burgers also grew on me. And myself and many others often compare them to In n Out. But it took me a couple of times to really appreciate how they are better.

Now granted, this review is only talking about their burgers because that's all I've tried. They sell the hot dogs and the cheesesteaks, but I fell for the burger and just keep going back for more.

So... the biggest difference is the meat patty itself. In n Out has the thin, mass produced patty. So thin that you have to have the Double Double to really feel like you are getting your burger's worth. Suzie's forms their own burgers and they season them. So you are getting a burger closer to something you will create for your own backyard BBQ. The two burgers were so thick that they didn't stack on each other well, thus the sloppy burger in the picture. Then you got the cheese and the toppings. Suzie's tops with chopped lettuce and onions, no pickles or tomatoes. That suits me fine since I don't like pickles or tomatoes. Keep in mind they give you pickles and baby carrots in a baggie on the side as their signature. I would rather have rings of onion versus the chopped onions because it's like the onions aren't even there. Then you can doctor up the burger as you like. You've got choices of jalapenos (my choice), chili, pastrami, sauerkraut, even an egg.

The picture above doesn't give it justice. The patties were thick and the cheese stuck to the paper. It reminds me of the old Carl's Jr. (I believe) commercials where they talk about the cheese paper. LOL. At first I complained that Suzie's was the same as In n Out, just more expensive. Now I appreciate the difference and happily pay for it.

Suzie's is located at P and CapCity Freeway downtown.