Fat Free Microwave Potato Chips


Last night I was treated to a 'cowboy feast' at Greg and Becky's. Greg had made some nice potato chips, some with chipotle spice and some were just salted with sea salt.

It reminded me that I used to make microwave fat-free chips for my Pampered Chef shows all the time.

Fill a large bowl with ice water. Using a mandoline, slice potatoes using the thin slice blade. I find that Idaho baking potatoes work the best.

Lay the slices out on your baking stone. This is the important part. You need to have a stone that will fit in your microwave and rotate. Salt and/or season the slices. I used our PC BBQ Seasoning. Microwave the chips for 10 minutes to start. You will need to watch your batches and try to put slices of the same thickness on the stone. Check them to see if all the moisture has been drawn from them. They will be crisp when they are done. You can see that they shrink considerably.

These are great snacks, they just take a lot of time because you only do a handful at a time.