This is Just Weird!

So every once in a while you go on Facebook and think about someone and do a search. This happened to me a few weeks ago because I had just seen one of my best college friends after 19 years. It made me think of other college friends and so I plugged a few names into Facebook.

One of the frat boys back then was Mark, aka Wags. I did a search for Mark Waggoner and, bang, I find Mark and send him a friend message saying, "Hey, Wags! Just saw Annie after 19 years. How are things going for you? Last I heard, you were still in Portland."

He approves me. I look at his pictures and see a nice family and that he's in the Midwest now. Hmmm.

About a week later Mark writes back and politely says he's having a hard time placing me. I hint him with college days. Few more days go by and he says things still aren't clicking. He says he went to Indiana State.

????? OK. If he isn't my Wags, then he was split from a twin brother at birth. I tell him I'll find a picture to show him. Luckily I have one shot of Wags.

Let's total up all these weird coincidences. Same name, same height, same nickname, same age, same eyes, same hair.....

So here are the pics. Doesn't it look like my Wags (first) could have been Indiana Wags (second) twenty years ago?