Sactweetup at L Street Lofts

Did you see me on the news? LOL. I'm a background person in the News 10 story about Sactweetup. You can catch the clip here. They didn't interview me, thank God.

Sactweetup is a prime example of the social media movement. Most people are familiar with social media in terms being online with Myspace and Facebook. Then there is my other favorite,, where you can join any interest group you can think of and get out and mix with people who share those interests. Now add Twitter and an extra dimension of putting the online and offline personas together at a social gathering and you've got a tweetup.

Tweetups are gatherings of people on Twitter. My problem was/is that I'm not a full Twitter convert yet. I think it is very important for businesses or individuals who run their lives like businesses. The Average Joe/Jill though? What's the necessity of a Jill tweeting about picking up her kid at school or buying groceries?

It really boils down to there are the Tweeters and the Followers. And, although I do tweet a bit myself, I'm really more of a Follower. I get on Twitter on my pc (I don't like the annoyance of constant tweets to my phone) and I check it throughout the day because I Follow accounts that give away freebies. And that's an example of using Twitter as a marketing tool.

I could continue on a marketing discussion, but I digress. The Sactweetup is a chance for people on Twitter to come together, meet, network, make new friends/contacts, etc. Since I went to my first one last month, I must admit that I've gotten more into tweeting. After all, it takes some time to learn all the little codes and ways to make it work when you only have 140 characters to work with.

This month the event was at the penthouse of the L Street Lofts. Curiosity got this cat because I really wanted to check out these lofts. Urban lofts conjure up all kinds of images in your head, especially from movies. I think everyone wonders what it would be like to live in a loft. What is the lifestyle like? Are you a loft kinda girl/guy? Personally, I'm not sure that my decorating style would really fit in a loft. Then there are the more rough, converted warehouse style versus new construction like the L Street Lofts are.

There were four model lofts ranging from 700 to 2100 square feet. Prices range from $315K to $675K. You can see some of the shots I took, but you really can't get a feel for size/space. After all, the 700 sq. ft. model is really small. Gotta love the views from the penthouse though! You can't really see the Capitol dome here.

And this is looking down L Street.

L Wine Lounge, which is directly across the street, catered the event. Nice, but nothing special. Actually disappointing considering how much I really like L Wine Lounge and have eaten there several times.

I met several new people and I enjoy discussing with them how and why they tweet. You also find out about a lot of creative jobs that people have come up with. Last month I met a gal who goes to your home, looks at your wardrobe, then takes you shopping to add some key pieces, then shows you how to mix them with what you already own to restyle your look. This month I met a virtual assistant and another who uses Twitter to promote her at-home calligraphy business.

I also had a great conversation with the owner of Yogurtagogo (also across the street). They are my favorite yogurt place in town because they have that tart Japanese style yogurt, great flavors, and pour-your-own. Mochii is nice too, but I like being able to build my own yogurt. Yogurtagogo just got a gocart for downtown deliveries. We discussed flavors and fundraising opportunities. I mentioned my upcoming gourmet dinner challenge and told him he needs to try tamarind. So if you see tamarind flavor there in the next year, it's because of me!

It was another great tweetup event. Each month the crowd gets bigger and bigger. Then the organizers have been great about adding events. Last month they did a scavenger hunt that was posted about at Sacfoodies. This weekend we are getting a free brunch over at Hot Italian as they introduce their brunch menu. I'm definitely enjoying another avenue for meeting people and making friends.