This Is It, Sadly - Michael Jackson

I was one who was not interested in seeing the Michael Jackson movie, that is, pay for it. But I won a ticket from a radio station. So then it was still pretty iffy because it required for me to drive across town to pick it up before the station closed at 5:30. For two days I procrastinated because I wasn't THAT interested. Then I thought to myself, "What are you gonna do tonite anyway? Watch TV?" I also dreaded the two hour running time. Would I stay attentive for the whole thing?

Well I must admit, This Is It was good, sad, inspiring, and more. I've got good and bad comments/observations.

First, it is sad because it is still close to his death. As you watch this incredibly talented person you can't help but feel the loss that you will never see or hear any new work from him again. The last artist that died prematurely that effected me that way was Heath Ledger and I also felt that way for John Lennon.

Then you are just in awe of how he moves! Even though there are 13 talented dancers matching his every step behind him, it just isn't the same because you realize that his body oozes rhythm and ability. He becomes one with the music.

The show would definitely have been a spectacular. Since it was so close to being finished, there were all the effects and filming they had done for different segments. If you've been to big shows like Madonna or U2, etc, you know how they have huge screens with videos, graphics, animations showing on them. All these elements had been done and are edited into the film. You get to see the new Thriller zombies coming out of a new graveyard. You see how they multiply the 11 male dancers into thousands via green screen and computers. It made me wonder how much the tickets were. Michael loved his fans. Did he keep the tickets affordable? I suppose they must have been still pretty high to recover all the overhead and production.

The bad things were nothing bad with the film, just thoughts I had running through my head. I mean, Michael looks like a skeletal freak. Sorry. He does. Although he is full of energy and doesn't look tired during his rehearsals, you know just by looking at him how unhealthy he was. Plus the plastic surgery. I don't care what he said, he had a LOT of work done. You don't change from 1971-child-African-American features that he had to super-chiseled-but-distorted-Caucasian features he ended up with. Honestly, he looked like The Joker from Batman to me. Certainly didn't help with some of his wierdly tailored jackets.

Another thing I noticed was how much clothing he wore. Concerts are physically demanding so that artists are often sopping in sweat. And yet Michael is wearing layers of clothing and barely breaks a sweat. What that tells me is that his skinny body wasn't holding any heat. I bet he was always cold.

Anyway, that's just some of the random thoughts that ran through my mind as I watched it. I would say that it would be worth it to watch it on the big screen to see it as the spectacle that Michael intended. That means you have only two weeks starting NOW to catch it. It is a fitting ending to a terribly shortened life and does give you a greater appreciation for Michael's artistry and attention to detail.